Nadanam : Deepali Ravi
Nadanam : Deepali Ravi
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- Features

- Legend
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- Revival

- Training
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- Margam

- Ancient References
- Tanjore
- Importance of music
- Basic Structure of Music




Dance and Music        


Dance and Music go hand in hand and are complimentary to each other. They are like two limbs of a human body. The fundamental principle of Arts is clearly stated in Vishnudharmottara Purana, when Markendeya told King Vajra that he must learn the art of dance before he learnt the art of icon-making and the art of music before he learnt dance and that he must master taala before he attempted to learn music. Thus the concept of taala has been fundamental to all Indian Arts and the interrelationships between all the arts can be seen is not only in terms of aesthetic experience (to evoke Rasa) but also technique. The relationship between dance and music can be felt from the content (lyrics-prose and poetry ) and as well as the technique.

Ancient References
References of Works that show the presence of Dance and Music right from the ancient times....

The trinity of Carnatic Music flourished in Tanjore which was considered the seat of Carntic Music and Dance for many years.

Importance of Music in Dance
Importance of Music in Dance from the technical point of view...

Basic Structure of Music
Svara, Raga, Tala, Jati and Gati Bhedam...

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