Nadanam : Deepali Ravi
Nadanam : Deepali Ravi
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Importance of Music in Dance        

As mentioned earlier that Dance and Music are complememtary to each other and for an effective presentation of Dance performance, there ought be a mutual understanding, harmony and co-ordination between the dancer and the accompanying musician artists.

The accompanying musicians include, the percussionist -mridangan player, Vocalist, Violin player, Flautist or Veena player or both (optional) and most important the Natuvanar (for keeping the Tălam). Besides these, there could be more musicians for more effect depending on the dancer and other factors.

From the technique or the Choreography point of view, the musical compositions determines the dance compositions. The patterns of svara in the raga (melody ) determines the pure dance sequences (nritta) and the nature and composition of the sahitya (lyrics) determines the interpretation of the permanent mood of the song. The dancer interprets the literary content through stylized gestures and facial expressions (abhinaya) . It is very important to follow the svara patterns and the dancer choreographs her nritta sequences according to the nature of the svara and the duration of each svara in each time mesure. The interpretation and the abhinaya also follows the meaning and the mood of the song. Thus it is very important for a dancer to have knowledge about music and its structure.

Basic Structure
Ancient References

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