Nadanam : Deepali Ravi
Nadanam : Deepali Ravi
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About Nadanam        

Nadanam is a reflection of one of my dearest passion, Dance.

        I have compiled some information on BharatNatyam and Dance in general . Going forward I would be adding more sections covering the other major classical dances of india with their history, repertoire, music, costumes, list of dancers, Gurus, articles, etc.

        Indian Classical Dances have a profound history with a vast heritage and a rich repertoire. It is a great task to be able to cover it entirely. Yet I have made a small attempt to make this as a reference site for those interested in Dance.

        This is a gradually evolving site and I sincerely hope that it would be helpful to you.
My husband has been the one who inspired me and without him, this work would not have been possible.

        I would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions as there is always a scope for Improvement.
I would be happy if you could share and contribute articles, information, etc.

Thanks !

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